Our Story

In 2005, the Cyber Travel company was founded, which would eventually take the trade name of Viagui. We are a legally constituted company and we operate from Cancun, Quintana Roo. For your greater confidence, here is our registration at the Ministry of Tourism and our RFC in the Treasury. Have the confidence to book with us.


Our mission

Viagui Travel is a social and travel club (lifestyle & travel) that offers the possibility of living special moments by giving us access to a world of luxury and adventure

Our members are internationally minded people committed to opening their lives to each other and sharing extraordinary experiences. Viagui Travel connects people and promotes national and international travel as well as unforgettable experiences.

Viagui certifies the lodging of both hotels and residences to only offer those that have quality facilities and service, it also helps you plan your trip saving you time and offers special adventure and luxury activities giving access to places and experiences that are not available easily.









"Viagui was designed to help people discover new places, meet new people and just enjoy travel. Our reservation system helps modern travelers easily book flights, hotels and activities without unnecessary waiting. You only need to do a couple of clicks and you are ready to go!"


Karla I. Pérez Argüelles