Hotels in Aguascalientes

Aguascalientes is a vibrant state located in the heart of Mexico that offers visitors a unique blend of history, culture, and excitement. Visitors can explore the charming colonial-era architecture of Calvillo, which features beautiful buildings such as the Parroquia del Señor del Salitre church and the Templo de San Pedro Apostol. Additionally, the Aguascalientes Museum is a must-visit destination for those interested in learning about the state’s rich cultural heritage. This fascinating museum features pre-Columbian artifacts, colonial-era paintings, and contemporary art, all housed in a beautiful building that was once a convent.

One of the highlights of the state is the San Marcos Fair, one of the most famous festivals in Mexico. This annual event attracts millions of visitors each year with its colorful parades, live music, carnival rides, and delicious food. The fair is held in honor of San Marcos, the patron saint of the city of Aguascalientes, and takes place in April and May each year.

For those seeking outdoor activities, Aguascalientes also offers beautiful natural landscapes, including the Sierra Fría mountain range and the Río Verde canyon. Visitors can enjoy activities such as hiking, horseback riding, and camping in these stunning locations.

From the beach to the mountains, from the desert to the jungle, from the archaeological zone to the vibrant cities, from sweet to spicy flavors, from relaxing to the happy of its parties, Mexico has everything that tourists are looking for, which is well received by the warmth of its people. Mexico has 32 states to fall in love with.

Explore this vibrant state, with its charming colonial-era architecture, fascinating Museum exhibits, and the thrilling San Marcos Fair. Discover beautiful natural landscapes and exciting outdoor activities in this cultural and historical destination. 

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