At Viagui, the privacy and security of your personal data are of utmost importance to us. Our privacy policy is designed to provide transparency on how we collect, use, and safeguard the information you share with us during your visit to our website.

We collect information responsibly and only for the purpose of enhancing your user experience with Viagui. This information may include personal data such as your name, email address, phone number, and travel details. We commit to using this information ethically and only for specific purposes, such as confirming reservations, sending relevant information about your travels, and continuously improving our services.

It’s important to note that we do not share your personal data with non-affiliated third parties without your explicit consent. Additionally, we employ advanced security measures to protect your information from unauthorized access and misuse.

On our website, you may find links to external sites that are not under our control. We recommend reviewing the privacy policies of these sites, as we cannot be held responsible for their content or privacy practices.

At Viagui, we strive to comply with applicable privacy laws and ensure that your rights are respected. If at any point you wish to access, correct, or delete the information we have collected, please contact us, and we will be happy to assist you.

We want you to feel secure when using our website and entrusting us with your personal information. If you have any questions or concerns about our privacy policy, feel free to reach out to our customer service team.

Thank you for choosing Viagui. We value your trust and are committed to protecting your privacy while providing you with extraordinary travel experiences.



In compliance with the provisions of the Federal Law on Protection of Personal Data Held by Private Parties (LFPDPPP), Viagui makes the following Privacy Notice available to you:



Responsible for the protection and processing of your Personal Data:

Cyber Travel SA de CV. (hereinafter Viagui )

Means of obtaining Personal Data

The personal data that Viagui collects from you will be used solely for the purposes described in this privacy notice and may be collected:
•Directly, entering your data or using the online services through the page

• Directly, through our telephone reservation center ” call center”.
•Directly, through our official social media accounts.

•In person, through our reservations representatives.

Data collected

The data that Viagui collects from you will be the following: Full name with last name, telephone number, email, address and financial data such as: Credit card number, name of its holder, expiration date, code security and those data that are necessary to complete and manage the reservations requested by you.
Likewise, Viagui in special cases will request to collect their physical image (photograph and/or video), for which Viagui will enable the appropriate means to obtain the consent of the owners in accordance with the provisions of the LFPDPPP and its regulations.

Purpose of the Personal Data collected

Your personal data will be collected for the following main purposes that are necessary for the service you request:
• Processing, monitoring, updating, modification, cancellation and confirmation of the services reserved by you with Viagui through its means, for financial and credit purposes. , to comply with the obligations contracted with you and with our suppliers.
•In the case of reservations that include air transportation, so that the airline can proactively contact the passenger in case of interruption in operations or to provide the client with updated information about their trip. This implies certain advantages for you, such as:
1.Real-time flight updates.
2.Proactive notifications in case of service interruption (cancellations, delays, etc.).
3.Updates related to baggage.
4. Sending the information of the change of reservation or boarding pass automatically, for the following available flights.
5.Reduction of waiting time, anxiety and inconvenience, during interruptions in the service.
6.A better customer experience.

• Likewise, the data that is collected will be used to contact you to offer you more information for the generation of possible reservations. And in an accessory way, we will use your personal information for the following purposes that are not necessary for the requested service, but that allow us and facilitate better service: 

• Evaluate the quality of the service, carry out surveys on travel habits and preferences, to participate in contests and raffles, loyalty programs, implementation and development of advertising campaigns, as well as to send promotions , offers, services and advertising purposes (solely and exclusively for Viagui ).
Holders may immediately and free of charge at any time request the cancellation of the sending of emails for advertising purposes by Viagui , by clicking on the “Unsubscribe” link.
In the event that you do not want your personal data to be processed for these additional purposes, you can submit a letter from this moment via email to the address

Data transfer, national and international

By virtue of what is stated in articles 36 and 37 of the LFPDPPP, your personal data may be transferred and/or shared to: 

a. Controlling, subsidiary or affiliated companies under the common control of Viagui , or to a parent company or any company of the same Viagui group that operates under the same internal processes and policies;
b. When the transfer is necessary by virtue of a contract entered into or to be entered into in the interest of the owner, by the person in charge and a third party;
c. When the transfer is necessary for the maintenance or fulfillment of a legal relationship between the person in charge and the owner such as Suppliers, Tourist Service Providers, Banking and Credit Institutions, and among others.
It is important to note that the third parties to whom your personal data is transferred will be bound by the same terms of this Privacy Notice and will comply with the corresponding security and confidentiality measures. In any case, we promise not to transfer your personal information to third parties. without your consent, except in the case of the provisions of article 37 of the Federal Law on Protection of Personal Data Held by Individuals, as well as to carry out this transfer in the terms established by said Law.

Exercise of ARCO Rights

Article 28 of the LFPDPPP grants you four rights to exercise:
• The owner has the right to access his personal data held by the person in charge and to know the Privacy Notice and its purposes. 

• The owner has the right to rectify his data in case they are inaccurate, incorrect or outdated. 

• The owner has the right to Cancel their personal data when they consider that they are not being used for the fulfillment of the purposes established in this Privacy Notice. 

• The owner has the right to Oppose the treatment of your personal data with respect to any of the purposes established in this Privacy Notice.

Right to revoke your consent for data processing

Article 8 of the LFPDPPP provides for the possibility of revoking the consent granted for the processing of your personal data. To revoke it, you may request it using the same mechanism and procedure for the exercise of ARCO Rights provided in this notice. However, Viagui informs you that keeping your personal data in its database will allow it to better understand your needs based on your history and thus offer you a better service in your future reservations.

Mechanisms for the exercise of ARCO Rights and Revocation of consent for the processing of your data

To exercise your rights of Access, Rectification, Cancellation and Opposition or your right to revoke consent for the processing of your personal data, you must fill out and send the ARCO RIGHTS EXERCISE FORM, must send Viagui through the following email:
For the origin of the exercise of your ARCO Rights, you must prove the ownership of your ARCO rights or the representation with respect to the owner through the presentation of a copy of your identification document and the exhibition of the original for comparison, or those established instruments in article 89 of the regulations of the LFPDPPP.” Article 29.- The request for access, rectification, cancellation or opposition must contain and accompany the following: 

I. The name of the owner and address or other means to communicate the response to your request 

II. The documents that prove the identity or, where appropriate, the legal representation of the owner;
III. The clear and precise description of the personal data with respect to which one seeks to exercise any of the aforementioned rights, and
IV. Any other element or document that facilitates the location of personal data.”
Viagui will follow up on your request within a period of 20 business days from the receipt of said FORM or request, with the complete documentation, to notify you of its origin. If appropriate, Viagui will have a maximum period of 15 business days to make its ARCO right effective.

Steps to protect your information and to limit the use or disclosure of your personal information Your personal information

It will be kept under strict confidentiality and to reasonably prevent the improper use or disclosure of it, we have implemented physical, technical and administrative security measures in accordance with the Federal Law on Protection of Personal Data Held by Private Parties and other applicable regulations.
In particular, we have a privacy policy, training courses for staff, restricted access to personal information only to authorized users, privacy officers, an inventory of personal data (duly classified by data category), treatment systems, risk analysis and contractual clauses. In order for you to limit the use and disclosure of your personal information, we offer you the option of registering in the Public Registry to Avoid Publicity (REPEP), which is in charge of the Federal Attorney of Consumer (PROFECO), so that your personal data is not used to receive advertising or promotions from companies of goods or services. For more information about this registry, you can consult the PROFECO Internet portal, or get in direct contact with it.


Viagui uses its own and third-party cookies to analyze your browsing and offer you a more personalized service according to your interests. 

Modifications to this privacy notice

Viagui may make changes or updates to this Privacy Notice at any time. The modifications or updates that are made, will enter into force at the moment they are published on the website, on its affiliated sites or in any communication medium used to publish it, for which reason recommends its continual review.

Express acceptance of the Privacy Notice

If you do not expressly oppose this notice and its updates, it is understood that you have given your tacit consent in terms of article 8 of the LFPDPPP. Viagui suggests that you read this Privacy Notice, since providing your data by any means constitutes acceptance of this Privacy Notice.